We are researching and manufacturing for machinery and technology to apply in Industrial production helps enhance productivity and efficiency.

Researching and manufacturing machinery and technology

MEKONG TECH CO.LTD, We supply for customers whole kind technology products as designing and manufacturing and consultanting for machinery and technology as following:

Trading and distributing technology products

We are trading and distributing technology products from more famos brand in the world.

Investing and developing for Technology and machinery

We are investerment for researching projects and put on production.

Consultant and appraisal and assessment machinery and technology

We have a team of technical experts and leading Vietnam and the world in the fields of industrial production helps Consultant and appraisal and assessment machinery and technology.

Installing and after service

We have one group partner, help to installing and care after service in more market, ensure for customer is cared 365 in 365 in the world.

Design and manufacture depend requirement of customer

We are design and manufacture machinery and technology depend requirement of customer.